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Professional, double sided Postcard design for only $128.00

    Postcard designs

Postcards are the fastest, easiest, most economical way to increase sales and profits without spending an extra dime on sales and advertising.

Think of the advantages:

Postcards are cheap to print, and cheap to mail.
Postcards are eye-catching.
Postcards don't need to be opened. No more trying to write envelope copy to get your prospects and customers to see what's inside.
Postcards are 'guerrilla marketing' at its finest - they target your customers one-by-one instead of mass advertising.  

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business card design sample 001

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Postcard Design.....

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Our #1 All-Time Postcard Marketing Tip is this:
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use postcards with full color on BOTH sides. 83% of people read their mail the way the Post Office delivers it: with the address facing up. Thus, if you don't have color on the back, you'll missing the opportunity to really grab the attention of your prospects with a colorful headline.
Postcards are associated with happy memories - we all like getting postcards from friends and family on holidays.

Postcards are an overlooked marketing secret. And they can boost your business, no matter what kind of business you're in  
Offline or online, you can grow your client base and make your sales explode. Even on a shoestring budgets.    

We can design, print and deliver postcards which always command the visual attention of viewers.  Moreover, the quality material used to make our cards, as well as our printing process ensures that your cards will "feel" as great as they look!

  Quality design and material for your cards     

We prints in four color process, on 12pt card stock with professional printing presses, not digital printers.

  More than just postcards   

The postcard can be used in a variety of great ways, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Advertise your Web Site (Web cards)

  • Promote your business

  • Announce a special event (birth, wedding etc.)

  • Advertise in mailboxes

  • Announce a party

  • Branded Calendars

...and anything else for which full color, high impact cards would be ideal, there are endless possibilities.  


How to order business cards, postcards and samples.......

Step 1. Preparing your files

This step if WE are preparing your artwork.     

Your Artwork


Minimum Artwork Resolution is 300 dpi

Make sure your artwork's resolution is at least 300 dpi. This resolution will ensure that your design will appear crisp and sharp instead of blurry and pixilated.  


Convert your graphics to CMYK colors 

Your files should be saved in CMYK mode before you send them to us. When we receive a design file in RGB mode, we automatically convert the files to CMYK mode for printing. RGB files cannot be printed on professional four color presses. Not every RGB color has a CMYK equivalent, and the result could be more than just subtle color shifts.  


"Bleed" and card size

Your postcard size will be 4" x 6"

Your design work should be 4.25" x 6.25" (with BLEED)

"Bleed" is a printing term used to indicate the area that will be trimmed off after the job is printed and cut to the finished size. Since the bleed extends 1/8" all around the card, your design document set-up should be 1/8" wider all around.

Since the bleed area will be trimmed off during the cutting process, there can be no text or other important information in the bleed area.

Furthermore, we require an additional 1/8" buffer margin inside the edges of the card.

You can download a photoshop  postcard design template with pre-defined guides by clicking here.

File Formats

The following are file formats which are the easiest to work with and which provide the best results:

Jpg,  tif, psd, bmp,  ai, cdr eps,  pdf, FH, Pagemaker or Ms Publisher, Ms Word

Please don't forget to "rasterizing" or "render" your font layers. 

Step 2. Ordering

Order Procedures

1. Complete the Order Form below

Complete the order form and make sure all required fields contain accurate information.
Don't forget to select the product you wish to order, as well as to attach all files necessary for your project.

2. We confirm your order

After submitting your form, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order.   

3. Payment

Payment is due upon confirmation of the order. Payment can be made by Paypal, Credit card or

Wholesaler must be pre-paid made by T.T.

If graphic design work is required, the card design fee must be paid before actual work can begin. Once the card design is approved, payment for printing must be received before order is printed. 


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

4. Proofs

Final approval is required for all artwork. A copy of your card is sent by email so you can review it and approve it.  

5. Delivery

Cards are printed within 2 working-days and shipped on the following every Monday and Wednesday. Shipping takes about 6 business days.

Shipping  fee for Postcards (world Wide):

2,000  6"x4" Postcards: $60.00

6,000  6"x4" Postcards: $140.00

6,000  8.5"x5.5" Postcards: $180.00



Postcard design order form

Please complete this form to order your cards. We will contact you within 24 hours for details about your Order. Thank you!

YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST SAMPLES. Simply select "Samples" in the product selection to receive free samples of some of our present customers.

Receive our samples, Evaluate our quality and Order with confidence!



File Submit notice

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if some reason it doesn't work for you, or ......

if upload files' > 5 Mb, You may access our FTP server to upload and...

 send the email to us for confirm your files.


*** Conditional ***

All the price are subject to change without any notice.

The sample order and payment are confirmed by email or FAX.


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