January, 2013 Special Offer

for YOUR Exhibition Tools

We offer the three package for you to try our good products and best services


 (A) 1,000 pcs Full Color Plastic Card

       Gloss/Matte Laminated with Signature Panels

       Free Delivery !!!     $ 230     $ 169.00 only  


 (B) 10,000 pcs Full Color Plastic Card

        Gloss Laminated with Signature Panels

        Free Delivery !!!    $ 1,250    $890.00 only 


All of Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card and Plastic card are printed in full color and then are professionally printed on press using four color process, not digital printing. Also, you can enjoy......


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee


We guarantee the Lowest price for full color plastic cards printing, if you can find any cheaper ones, please tell us and we will do that price less 10% for you !!
For group orders, we can give up to
20% discount !!  

Delivery :

 All of Item are printed within 5 working-days and shipped on the following

 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Shipping takes about 2 ~ 4 business days.

 Free Delivery to UK, Canada, North America, West Europe and Asia zone only.

 The other locations' shipment cost and insurance please see table on the here.

 All of products are shipping by Hong Kong SpeedPost (Door to Door).

 Air Postal shipped Service or through DHL or FedEx much call price.



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if some reason it doesn't work for you, or ......

if upload files' > 5 Mb, You may access our FTP server to upload and...

 send the email to us for confirm your files.

*** Conditional ***

All the price are subject to change without any notice.

The sample order and payment are confirmed by email or FAX.

Payment advance must be request for try order and settle by T.T.


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